The tokes platform is a digital currency project for the cannabis legalization movement



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As a result of our partnership with the Incent Loyalty team, all TOKES ICO investors will receive a special bonus in the form of Incent tokens upon close of our ICO. In addition to your allocated TOKES purchase, 1% of the value of your investment will be rewarded as additional Incent tokens (i.e. 1.0 BTC investment equals .01 BTC in Incent)
All investments made with WAVES (rather than bitcoin) will receive an additional 5% added to the total of their TOKES distribution.



Introducing yet another first in the digital currency space, the Founder’s Club is a unique offering that provides additional value to large investors in the platform.

Any participant purchasing a minimum of 50,000 TOKES during the ICO will be assigned an exclusive FCID#, Founder’s Club Identification Number, which will be associated with a specific tokes wallet address. Membership will have numerous perks extending beyond the standard redemption of ICO proceeds.

A key benefit for FC members will be early access to our quarterly tokes repurchase program. Additionally, any FC member who wishes to redeem tokes for BTC during the repurchase period will do so at a 10% premium over prevailing market rates (based on a trailing VWAP at an aggregate of exchanges). Other early benefits include special access to private events hosted by the tokes platform, and free branded items such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc.

The 50,000 minimum can be accumulated in any stage of the ICO, but must be completed prior to our close on January 15, 2017, as membership enrollment is only valid during the ICO. Join the revolution.

Tokes ICO Funding Tiers

Tier 1: $50,000 (100%)

Platform Development
-Mobile Application development (wallet, cannabis strain and product database, merchant locator)
Cannabis Operation
-Small scale production on select CBD based products
-Will need to partner with current industry participants

Tier 2: $250,000 (In Progress)

Platform Development
-Hardware infrastructure for select partners (point of sale systems)
Cannabis Operation
-Full independentdevelopment on multiple product lines (CBD products and THC edibles)
-Tourism related cannabis products

Tier 3: $1,000,000

Platform Development
-Expanded hardware infrastructure for merchant partners
Cannabis Operation
-Licensing deal for topical lotions and body products

Tier 4: $2,500,000

Platform Development
-Hardware infrastructure for all merchant partners
Cannabis Operation
-Strategic partnerships and licensing agreements, coupled with product development in edibles, CBD based products, topicals, and pursuit of small scale industrial facility

Tier 5: $5,000,000

Cannabis Operation
-Full scale pursuit of production, cultivation, and dispensary licensing including physical industrial facility


  • Connector.

    Bonus (24 hours, December 2, midnight UTC)

    7,500 TOKES / BTC = (.00013333 ea)

  • Connector.

    Phase 1 (14 days, December 3, midnight UTC)

    5,000 TOKES / BTC = (.00020000 ea)

  • Connector.

    Phase 2 (15 days, December 17, midnight UTC)

    4,000 TOKES / BTC = (.00025000 ea)

  • Connector.

    Phase 3 (15 days, January 1, midnight UTC)

    3,000 TOKES / BTC = (.00033333 ea) – Ends January 15 at 23:59 UTC

The Cannabis Revolution™, empowered by the tokes digital currency platform, will be one of the first projects in the world to combine the technological advances of the blockchain and digital tokens with the cultural shift associated with the marijuana legalization movement

Following the close of the ICO, the project will be executed in two distinct phases with a myriad of benefits for investors in each stage of development…



Acquisition and development of a state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation, production, and dispensary facility in the state of Nevada. Capital raised during the ICO will be dedicated to procuring the licenses and facilities necessary to operate a 100% state-legal medical marijuana enterprise.

Additionally, with a ballot measure for recreational marijuana use passing in the 2016 election cycle (NV), the opportunities present in this industry are overwhelming. Time is of the essence to secure a competitive advantage.

As the business develops, long term holders of TOKES will derive value through a redistribution of profits. There are several avenues we can utilize to execute this value proposition, including dividends and token buy-backs. We will be consulting further with our legal team prior to initiating these transactions to ensure that these rewards are entirely legal and above-board.

Phase 2 will demonstrate the full power of the blockchain and utilization of TOKES as a store and transfer of value. The value of the platform is derived from the challenges imposed by the federal regulations surrounding marijuana. Specifically, the legalization of marijuana distribution at the state level creates several complications for businesses federally due to a lack of legal provisions at that level of government. As a result, these entities are considered “unbankable,” and are required to conduct all business as cash-only entities. Cash receipts cannot be deposited with banks because they are federally regulated, which leaves marijuana entities in a precarious position. They are required to safehouse their own assets in traditional methods, such as an onsite vault.

Enter Tokes Platform. Our objective is to create a business network in which legal marijuana entities throughout the United States can utilize a secure, safe, and unified asset for transactions. Through the utilization of fiat gateways, we will target the movement of those cash assets onto the TOKES blockchain, where it will serve as a store of value. It will also enable these facilities to accept TOKES as a form of payment, instead of cash. The result will be a much safer environment for both operators and patrons, as they will no longer be required to carry substantial levels of physical fiat to make transactions.

The mainnet implementation of TOKES will have a number of advantages over competitors in this space, including:

• Asset Pegging to USD

• Anonymous Transactions

• Liquidity and features of WAVES blockchain

1. Asset Pegging: TOKES will utilize various mechanisms to ensure that once a transaction occurs, the value of that transaction will not change for the holder of TOKES. Similar mechanisms can be seen in stable assets such as BitUSD, NuBits, CoinoUSD, Digix, and Tether. This feature provides businesses with the peace of mind that volatility in the underlying token will not impact the bottom line financials (either negatively or positively). We believe this will result in much higher adoption rates for businesses interested in this technology than we’ve seen with our peers.

2. Anonymous Transactions: This feature requires little explanation or justification. As an industry on the cutting edge of the legal system, many participants desire anonymity with their purchases. We intend to have this advantageous system built directly into our transaction layer.

3. WAVES Blockchain Implementation: As long-time supporters and analysts of the various developments in coin technology, we feel that executing our initial asset issuance on the Waves Platform will be a valuable partnership. The cutting-edge features proposed by Waves, such as fiat gateways and an enhanced crowdfunding interface will largely benefit early adopters and investors in TOKES. We also believe that a partnership with this blooming platform will assist with the cross-promotion of both technologies.

We hope you’ll join us in this unique offering, and are looking forward to responding to any questions the community brings to us.




Michael Wagner


Michael has worked with the largest investment management firms in Las Vegas (Investment Counsel Company, United Capital, and Arista Wealth Management) in select capacities, including investment analyst, relationship manager, and portfolio manager. Having recently completed the Level III CFA exam, he has achieved the last of the qualifications necessary to apply for the coveted CFA Charter designation. His background is coupled with a deep passion and enthusiasm for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, of which he has been involved since 2013. As a Las Vegas native, he has a deep network of entrepreneurs, developers, and fintech enthusiasts, including advisers in the legal cannabis distribution industry. His skill set will drive business operations and aid in maximizing value for TOKES holders.


Gabriel Allred, M.A.


Aside from his work with cryptocurrency since 2011, Gabriel is currently pursuing a PhD in cognitive science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He has a background in data sciences and has contracted for the Air Force Research Labs conducting applied research for intelligence analysts. His current dissertation work focuses on the cognitive factors within behavioral economics. Gabriel is heading TOKES platform development and the technological infrastructure of the company.

Development Team



Codebase Developer

Renowned cryptocurrency developer W0lf has joined the TOKES team, bringing a masterful proficiency of C, CUDA, and OpenCL. He is well known among the BitcoinTalk.org forums for his work on sgminer-gm, wolf-xmr, and wolf-lbry, among other crypto projects.


Kristy-Leigh Minehan

Codebase Developer

Kristy has worked behind the scenes with W0lf on cryptocurrency projects and possesses fluency in Python, Erlang, C++, and OpenCL. She will be among our programmers developing the codebase of the Tokes platform.


Anthony Grevich

Network Engineer

Anthony has worked as a Senior Network for Everi Holdings, Sands Corporation, Bally Technologies, Forsythe Technology, and Vial Corp. His skill-set and knowledge will be crucial in the implementation of the network and node infrastructure of the Tokes platform.


Tim Deneau

Interface Design / Developer

Tim has over a decade of experience designing and developing user interfaces for web applications and platforms at creative agencies and startups. He will serve as UI developer for our mobile platform and is head of creative marketing for the Tokes platform.


Jon Tran

Community Manager

Jon has worked for the Desert Research Institute ensuring data quality across national laboratories on grant funded projects for NASA and the Lander Foundation. Additionally, he handled Southern California operations for NBC from 2014 to early 2016 until joining our team.  He will be managing our community outreach and communications.

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